Alex Taylor



Contestant Profile
Birth Date July 11, 1998 (age 16)
Hometown Tweed Heads, New South Wales
Occupation Kitchen Hand

Survivor: Persia

Tribe(s) ██ Persepolis
██ Einzelne
Placement 4/16
Alliance(s) Persepolis 4
Princes of Persia
BAJEMAS Alliance
Shield Alliance
Masters Alliance
The 5 Amigos
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 36

Survivor: All-Stars

Tribe(s) ██ Tolupan
██ Sepulveda
Placement 11/24
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 28

Alex Taylor is a contestant from Survivor: Persia and Survivor: All-Stars.

Pre-merge, Alex flew under the radar, befriending many of his tribe mates, which lead to him being able to navigate the pre-merge portion of the game with ease. After the merge, however, he quickly became a force to reckoned with, orchestrating the blindside of many of his tribe mates, friends and foe alike, while also managing to win two immunity challenges. His aggressive gameplay ultimately lead to him being blindsided at the final four, and won him the Player of the Season award.


Name (Age): Alex (15)
Tribe Designation: Persepolis
Current Residence: Brisbane, Queensland
Personal Claim Of Fame: Going on an exchange trip to Germany when I was 15 for 8 weeks and leaving everything and everyone behind.
Inspiration In Life: My Sister, She has been through so much but still manages to come out on top.
Hobbies: Survivoring (Its a word). Playing sport and surfing the web.
Pet Peeves: Obnoxious people and people with a false sense of self entitlement.
3 Words To Describe You: Strategic, self-aware, sarcastic
If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why?: A frisbee, for fun. A good book, so I had something to do. A deck of playing cards so the whole tribe could play together
Survivor Contestant you are Most Like: Rob C. I am a socially awkward strategist. I will make my way to the end and everyone will still trust me.
Reason for being on Survivor: I have watched every season of the show and I think its time I lived it for myself.
Why do you think you will be Sole Survivor: I can make people trust me when they need to and I can betray them when I need to. However people will still feel inclined to vote for me to win.

Survivor: PersiaEdit

Alex started the game on the Persepolis tribe. He quickly formed a strong bond with Brian Long and Adam Cahoon. The three formed a final four alliance with each other and Zeke Browne. Persepolis lost the first two Immunity Challenges, sending Alex to Tribal Council. Alex gunned for Zeke's elimination at both Tribal Councils because of his weakness in challenges, despite his lobbying, Jack Erdmann and Ieuan Carney were voted out instead. During the first six days Alex also joined the Princes of Persia alliance, which was a cross-tribal alliance formed by Brian.

On Day 12, a Reward Challenge took place that would determine the team captains of the two tribes. Alfons Hettig and Nokomis Larsen won for Shiraz and Persepolis, respectively. It was then revealed that a Schoolyard Pick would take place to determine new tribes. Alex was chosen by Jordan Bland to be on the new Persepolis tribe, who then chose Connor Finton to be on Persepolis. Persepolis won the next Immunity Challenge, keeping Alex safe.

Alex joined the BAJEMAS Alliance, which was a cross-tribal alliance with a majority on both tribes. On Day 15 it was revealed that both tribes would visit Tribal Council and vote someone out. After Noah Mason won the Immunity Challenge he got in a fight with Nokomis Larsen. Alex and Noah discussed the fight and agreed to vote out Nokomis at tribal council. Nokomis' negative attitude lead to him being unanimously voted out.

On Day 19 the two tribes merged into the Einzelne tribe. Alex joined Brian's Shield Alliance alliance and started planning for his elimination. Alex quickly befriended all of his new tribemates so they would be more willing to vote with him when he needed them to. At the Immunity Challenge Alex was paired with Zeke. Despite his best efforts, the two failed to win the Immunity Challenge. At the first merged Tribal Council Alex's alliance voted out Liam Mcindoe, however Alex still received two votes against him. On his way out Liam became angry at Alex over his blindside.

After Liam's blindside Alex joined the Masters Alliance. After losing the Immunity Challenge Alex convinced his new alliance to vote out Mikey Van Riper, as Alex thought he would be more loyal to Brian than he would be to Alex. Alex's plan worked and Mikey was blindsided. Zeke was also evacuated due to his inactivity.

Brian then formed the The 5 Amigos alliance, with their first target being Connor due to his physical dominance. Connor managed to save himself from elimination by winning the next challenge. Although Jordan was the next intended target Alex decided that Brian had became the biggest threat, so he gathered Jordan, Connor and Noah in order to blindside his closest ally.

Alex finally managed to win an Immunity Challenge, winning the final six Immunity Challenge. The remaining members of The 5 Amigos decided to split the voted between Connor and Jordan in case one of them had a Hidden immunity Idol. At Tribal Council the alliances fears were confirmed and Connor played an Idol, although he did not receive the majority of the votes and the remaining outsider Jordan was voted out instead.

Alex won immunity again on Day 32 and The 5 Amigos plans of voting out Connor were seemingly confirmed. Before Tribal Council Connor came to Alex with a plan of blindsiding Adam, promising Alex the final three immunity necklace if Connor should win it. Although Alex was extremely tempted by Connors offer, he decided to vote him out, deeming him too much of a physical threat to continue. Going into the final four Alex felt safe, having strong bonds with all of the remaining tribe members and believing he could win the final two immunities. Despite this Alex knew that he was the biggest threat remaining and tried hard to win the Immunity Challenge. Noah came out victorious instead, making Alex vulnerable for the first time in days. At Tribal Council Alex and Noah voted against Adam, while Stephane and Adam voted against Alex. At the re-vote Noah changed his vote, and Alex was finished in fourth place, becoming the sixth Jury member.

At the Final Tribal Council Alex started off by congratulating the two finalists on making it to Day 39, although he said his vote was 'pretty much secured for one person'. Alex started by asking Noah to choose two people to be removed from the Jury and to choose two Jury members who Noah thought deserved to be in the Final Tribal Council. He then called Adam out for his terrible social game-play and for riding coattails for the whole 39 days. Alex cast his Jury vote for Noah, due to their friendship in the game and Noah's overall better game-play.

Voting HistoryEdit

Alex's Voting History
Episode Alex's
Voted Against
1 Zeke -
2 Zeke -
3 Persepolis Tribe Immune
4 Persepolis Tribe Immune
5 Nokomis -
6 Liam TBA, TBA
7 Mikey -
No Tribal Council
8 Brian -
9 Connor Individual Immunity
10 Connor Individual Immunity
11 Adam;
Adam, Stephane;
Noah, Stephane
Voted Off, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: All-StarsEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Alex's Voting History
Episode Alex's
Voted Against
1 Tolupan Tribe Immune
2 Kevin -
3 Wyatt Wyatt
4 Tolupan Tribe Immune
5 Tolupan Tribe Immune
6 Copan Tribe Immune
8 Chris Chris, TBA
9 Copan Tribe Immune
10 Copan Tribe Immune
11 Ted -
12 Wojtek Wojtek, TBA, TBA,
Voted Off, Day 28
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Alex was the only jury member in Persia to never be a member of Shiraz tribe.
  • On both of his seasons Alex's second tribe was blue.
  • Alex was the only member of the original Tolupan tribe to go into the merge with votes against him.